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Lily Collection

Author: Shima

A collection of various gag manga shorts (yuri flavored) from Shima. Follow the author’s Twitter here: @suzushima. (For Chrome users: until the thumbnail link fix is in, here is a link to the first and most recent chapter!)

Comedy Yuri

Weapon Girl

Author: Senda Hiroyuki

A romcom-like manga where a girl with a bunch of weapons installed and a solider guy do cute things. Sometimes there’s combat. Follow the author, Senda Hiroyuki, on Twitter at @hiroyuki5060 or Pixiv at user 15919539. (For Chrome users: until…

A Het Girl Finds Herself at a Lesbian Matchmaker Party

Author: Shima

A woman attends a party for singles hoping to find a date, but it’s not exactly what she expected. Yet…? Follow the author, Shima, at their Twitter @suzushima. (For Chrome users: until the thumbnail link fix is in, here is…

Comedy Yuri

Azathoth and She from the Office

Author: Kubota Fumio

One morning a woman wakes up and finds her morning routine disrupted by the Nuclear Chaos himself, Azathoth. A Lovecraftian comedy by Kubota Fumio.   Follow the author on Twitter @kbt230. (For Chrome users: until the thumbnail link fix is…

Comedy Outer Gods

The Wolf and her Little Red Riding Hood

Author: Shiina Harumi

A cute yuri story about a not-so-bad wolf and a rather proactive Little Red Riding Hood, by Shiina Harumi. Follow Shiina-sensei’s Twitter at @ha6u3i2 for yuri-related, @ha6u3i for other serialized works and idol fan art, or check out the Skeb…

Comedy Cute Yuri

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