◆Warning! Joke-Explaining Below!◆

(I’m sorry… it was the best I could do…) The guy at the end is originally a joke about the meme phrase “キマシタワー” (kimashita wa; basically [it’s] here!” in a feminine tone), used by yuri fans when things in a manga/anime/whatever start getting gay.
It’s originally from an ASCII art reaction image of yuri appreciator Tamao Suzumi (from the Strawberry Panic! anime), who actually never said it herself, but it comes from combining something she did say (たまりませんわ; tamarimasen wa, basically “it’s too much!”) with another character’s line in a related scene.

Once established, the phrase spawned several other memes:

  • キマシ: Kimashi written in half-width katakana, used both as a simply shortened form of the meme or, because you could conjugate the verb ending differently if needed, as an expectant “is it here…?” to be followed later with the rest (potentially as a dejected キマセンデシタワ kimasen deshita wa, if the yuri didn’t pan out).
  • キマシタワー / Kimashi Tower: Playing off how the タワー at the end is the same pronuncation as the loan word “tower,” people sometimes say things like ここにキマシタワーを建てよう (like “Let us build here a Kimashi Tower,” to establish that Yuri Happened Here).
  • キマシティ/ Kima City: Similarly, playing off how the end of kimashita and the beginning of city (シティ shiti) share some sounds.
  • キマ紳士 / Kima Gentleman: A Shiina original actually, whose first appearance was here, this one is similar to above but combining instead with 紳士 (shinshi; basically “gentleman”).

(His name in the English is an attempt to play off the broadly similarish-in-usage-online phrases that go like “they’re gay! good for them.”)

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